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James Donnelly

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LinkedIn.com is a fantastic business tool for individuals and companies alike. It is a website that creates huge scope for networking, marketing, creativity and friendship. It is part of what is known as Web 2.0, the next generation of internet use, where social networking forms a large part of the new appreciation of the possibilities the internet provides. Facebook and MySpace set the ball rolling and now business people and companies are catching on. Many people who join LinkedIn use it as a shop window for themselves. It becomes their live, online CV or resume if they are looking for a new job. It can be also used as a way of giving them credibility within their industry. When you join you can search for and invite people that you know to connect to you. You can also be invited by others to be part of their network. As your connections grow so does your greater n... (more)

A Principle Is Only a Principle Until it Costs You Something

The Lockerbie bomber has been 'set free for oil' scream recent headlines. It seems that the British Government uses the Groucho Marx School of thinking… “Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.” A negotiation tactic is to give something away that costs you little yet has value to the other party. In the oil for prisoners negotiation it is easy to see the short term win. What are the longer-term implications of sacrificing a principle? In this case, diminished reputation, loss of confidence in leadership, a further target, to name but a few. U... (more)

Sustainability in Business – What Does It Mean?

Sustainability is an increasingly common term in today's world. It is most widely used to communicate goals around ‘saving the planet', renewable energy and feeding the Earth's population. The concept of sustainability refers to the ability to maintain balance of a certain process or state in any system and is central to studies of ecological and biological systems. If we see business as an organism and start to explore sustainability as an overarching goal we will find that this idea has been around for hundreds of years. At Mitchell Phoenix we often ask people to consider  ‘What... (more)

There Is No Planet B – We Need Some Action Heroes

I attended BizClimate 2010 last week, part of a series of conferences taking place at New York Climate Week headlined by the Bill Clinton Initiative (only $30,000 a ticket). Climate Week revolved around the opportunities for business in investment, cost saving and the creation of climate wealth. BizClimate 2010 used Moore's Law of Sustainability as a vision for the way in which business would drive the carbon economy in the future. Gordon Moore was a founder of Intel and changed the face of the technology world when he predicted that the density of semi-conductors on a chip would ... (more)

Successful Management Development Depends on Four Things

When choosing a leadership development programme, one may encounter courses which promise “facilitation by experts.” The experts will have a background in a particular industry, and will draw on this background as they develop managers from the same industry on their programme. In this way, ex civil-servants will train other civil servants, ex manufacturing directors will instil leadership and management disciplines in those working in manufacturing, ex-lawyers will develop other lawyers, and ex IT professionals will inculcate “soft skills” in current IT professionals. When the d... (more)